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Monday, September 22, 2014

Bracing the Blue Line - Fun Fact 7

As promised, today's fun fact is about Grant. If you missed the first, second, third, fourthfifth, or sixth, go check them out!

Many of you know that I live in North Carolina. The second or third fun fact said that part of Grant and Lucy's story was written before any of the others and that I wanted to start with their names first, then think of a story.

Well, Lucy's last name (Kennedy) just seemed natural. It flowed and I was in love with it immediately. I was already imagining the different personality traits she could have, and what her background might be, and why Grant was going to start doing those small favors for her.

Grant's last name honestly happened by accident almost. I went out with an old friend and drove by that town. I tested it in my head and then spoke it out loud and then boom. Grant had a last name.

Tomorrow's fun fact will be about Neil, so be sure to check back tomorrow and continue following the BtBL Pinterest board for daily teasers.

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