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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bracing the Blue Line - Fun Fact 9

We've been talking about some behind-the-scenes fun facts, mostly concerning the names of my characters and today is Winston's day.

Oh, I felt bad about this one. Everyone had a last name, but him. Poor Winston, right?


It gets even worse.

To find him a last name, I scrolled through my Facebook friends and tested out their last names with his first name. No one was safe! That's how I ended up with Brooks. So, to the person I'm friends with that has the last name Brooks, thank you! :)

By now, we know how everyone got their name.

Everyone but Audra, which is Neil's pregnant one night stand.

Check back tomorrow to find out where her name came from! Be sure to continue following the BtBL Pinterest board for daily teasers.
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