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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teaser Thursday - You Before Me

It's time for the sixth You Before Me teaser! Check out the first twothe thirdfourth and fifth if you missed them. Don't forget that you can also read Chapter One.

Today's teaser is in Gabe's POV and they are taking a bubble bath! Enjoy!

“The point of this is to relax,” she whispers, leaning her head backwards to rest on my left shoulder.
I let my lips brush her ear as I say, “Are you not relaxed?” My fingers are twitching to touch her and leave their current place on the sides of the tub. I move them to her shoulders, moving downwards under the water, deciding to stop once I've reached her hips.
Ryan's cheeks lift when she smiles, her eyes closed. “Not yet. Give me time. I was just telling you, Officer O'Connor. You seem kind of stiff,” she bubbles out a laugh.
Smirking, I ignore her comment. My fingers begin to thrum on her hips, and I start moving them up her stomach. My thumbs just barely brush over the underside of her breasts. Ryan's eyes open.
“We're supposed to be relaxing,” she mutters, turning to look at me.
I grin. “Isn't that what we're doing?”
“Nope. While you are very tempting, Gabe, I've decided I don't want to have sex with you.”
My hands return to lay flat on her stomach. “Oh yeah?”
“Not today anyway. You've inspired me.”
“I have?” What is she talking about?
Ryan grins. “Yep. I'm going to behave better. We'll see how long it lasts.”

You Before Me will release on June 21, 2014. You can pre-order it for the special price of 99 cents on iTunes or B&N. You can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter and elect to receive the release day email for a chance to win a YBM swag pack! Be sure to add it on Goodreads and follow the Pinterest board for weekly pins.

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