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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday's Book Spotlight

The book hangover is no joke, y'all. And I'm suffering. So much! Of course, that means it's time to post a spotlight because I gotta share this series. I feel like a book junkie who is dying for a fix, and I seriously think I may be going a little crazy. I'm craving the next book in this series like crazy, something I haven't experienced in a while and it feels awesome.

But, my goodness, I've been losing my mind since last Wednesday. I need this book. So, I'm going to drop some info about this series with their gorgeous covers and continue rocking in a corner until it releases tomorrow, okay? (Edit: It released early!!!! There went my Monday :D)

This is the first book, the book that gave me the initial hook. Here's my thoughts as seen on Goodreads:

Okay, so the only thing I knew going into this book was that it has bikers in it. Between watching Sons of Anarchy and after I finished reading Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry, I asked for recs for more biker books. This was one of the books I was told about. I bought it without reading the blurb, and I still didn't read it before I started.

So, I open the book on my Kindle and I'm met with an Author's Note, and then some terminology. I got worried. Not the What have I gotten myself into? kind of worry, but an excited Oh, boy. This is going to be interesting kind. I've read one of Cole's books before, so I felt confident I would enjoy this one as well.

And I did.

I was fascinated, absorbed, and completely mesmerized by the book. There's a surprise that I never saw coming, (but then, I rarely do see them coming). And there's this part at the very end that possibly gives you a heads up about other potential couples and my mind is just reeling from one of them. Twenty minutes after I finished, I kept shaking my head and saying, "I can't believe it. How will that turn out? Is it even possible? Just wow." So, I'm crossing my fingers for that potential couple, but I just gotta know what in the hell will happen with those two characters.

I'm not sure if I can pinpoint one thing about this book that made me enjoyed so much. I think it was a bit of everything. The bikers, the couple, their backgrounds, and the writing. I mean, how can you not sigh happily when a book completely sucks you and holds on to you during and after you've read it? I started this book, with the only expectation and hope that it would give me break from my reality, and it did the job perfectly. 

Here's my thoughts on the second book as seen on Goodreads:

Oh. My. God.

I loved this one even more than the first.

Declare me obsessed with this series.

<<<< And I mean, just look at this cover? How can I not be waiting to get my greedy fingers on it?

What are you waiting for? Go check the Hades Hangmen series out!!!

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