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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Teaser Thursday - You Before Me

It's time for the eighth You Before Me teaser! There are only two more left before the release! Holy moly, right?! Check out the first twothe thirdfourth, fifthsixth, and seventh if you missed them. Don't forget that you can also read Chapter One.

As I said Tuesday, this week's teasers revolve around a shooting scene that happens in the book. This time, we're in Gabe's POV.

Before I can answer, Owen bursts, “You've already slept with her?”
God, what is wrong with him today? He's acting worse than usual. All eyes are on me, waiting for me to confirm or deny. Especially my father. He's been quiet, but he's been listening. Ryan watches me, waiting as well.
“Don't y'all know it's rude to talk about this in front of Ryan?”
“Better you say it in front of me than behind my back. Topic doesn't matter,” she inputs.
“Yes, but we're supposed to be gentlemen.”
Before anything else can be said, my father clears his throat. “Enough. We're out of ammo and skeets. Time to pack up. My wife is fixing supper as usual, if y'all want to head there.”
That's my father's way of testing me. To see how serious this thing is with Ryan and if I'm ready for her to meet my mother. “We already have plans. Thanks, though.”

You Before Me will release on June 21, 2014. You can pre-order it for the special price of 99 cents on iTunes or B&N. You can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter and elect to receive the release day email for a chance to win a YBM swag pack! Be sure to add it on Goodreads and follow the Pinterest board for weekly pins.

Until next week when I'll share the final two teasers! Let's all take deep, calming breaths. Ryan and Gabe will be here soon!

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