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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Birthday = Awesome Things for You!

Today, I turn 20. I’ve been thinking about it for months now, and it’s finally here. My main thought is that I can’t believe I’m 20 already! I was so excited about turning 18, and now I’m hitting a new milestone. I’m sure you don’t want to hear me go on and on about this, so I’ll just get to the good stuff.

First, I would like to tell you a little more about my characters in one of my WIPs. I just wrapped up two rounds of revisions and soon, it'll go back to my betas. I actually really enjoyed revisions and it's because I love these characters so much.

A few weeks ago, I shared a little about them. I’m going to elaborate today. Well, I’m going to share what my super duper, fantastic, totally wonderful beta readers said about this pair. I asked them to describe Ryan, Gabe, and their story. Here is what they said:

“Ryan is emotionally distraught, independent and yet through it all, she is strong.

Gabe is kind hearted, self confident and goal oriented. He's the guy who will be there to save you... in every way a person can be saved.

Their story is tangled, dramatic and delightful. I feel that together they are strong but their story weaves in and out of their own personal struggles to live up to their families expectations. In the end, they know they can only move forward by working together because together they can do anything.”


“Ryan is broken, brilliant, and bodacious. Gabe is steady, committed, and strong. The story is complex, emotional, and fulfilling.”

How excited are you about this WIP now? Hmm? Because I’m freaking excited! I want to jump up and down, go stand at the top of a mountain, and scream about this WIP. That’s how much I love it. Be sure to keep a watch here for more information. If you want some of that information first, sign up for my newsletter. Subscribers will be the first to know!

One more thing...

The date is 2/20 and I’m turning 20. There’s a lot of twos in there. And because of that, this day of celebration, and finishing the first draft of the final book in The Penalty Kill Trilogy, two lucky winners will win a signed copy of these two books!

The Fine Print: Open internationally. Giveaway ends February 28, 2014. There is one mandatory entry, which is to provide your mailing address. All the rest are extra entries.

Each winner will receive one signed paperback of Breakaway and one signed paperback of Off the Ice. By entering, participants are confirming that they are 13 years of age or older. Winners will be notified by email shortly after the giveaway has ended and the winners are picked. I will ship the books to the winners within five weeks of the giveaway ending. Good luck, everyone!

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