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Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Fight the Bad Days

I've been thinking. How do I get through this?

The tears won't help. The negative thoughts aren't going to do any good either. So what do I do?

I talk to others. I get encouragement and those feel good vibes. In my opinion, everyone needs one of those blunt, honest friends to be there during times like this. If you are having a bad day, go and talk to the one person you trust the most. They should be able to help. Listen to music to lift your spirits. Read a good book. Just do something that you love to do that will make you feel better.

Write about it. As you know, that's a therapy tool for me. Try it. It may work for you as well.

Above all, remember that there is power in positive thinking. Give yourself a pep talk and see if that works. If you are like me, you need to try more than one thing to get those happy juices flowing.

That's just a little of what one could do. Hope this helps.

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