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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Writer's Job is Never Done

As a writer, I've come to realize that my job will never be complete. There is always room for improvement, room to grow, room to change- however you would like to phrase it.

The title of this post excites me. Usually if you replace "writer" with another vocation, many would be upset that they would never be able to reach a stopping point in their career. 

Not me.

I'm excited about improvement, because many stories will be told and as a writer, I love that. I love that my writing will get better and better as I go. I love that my job is creating stories that make people feel, whether it's good (OMG! I loved this book!) or not so good (OMG! I can't stand this book!) I still feel accomplished because I made them love or dislike something. It's all a plus in my book. LOL - unintentional word choice. 

My lifelong job is to create via writing. How cool is that? When creating, in my opinion, one is constantly molding and shaping until one reaches perfection. That's what my job requires in almost every aspect. For me to place my hands on that clay and shape something wonderful, even if it's completely ugly. 

A writers job is never done because there is always something more we can do. There's always something we can do to better ourselves. I think that is awesome. It means that I can get better and better. Perfection isn't what I'm hoping to accomplish. I'm only hoping to accomplish making the reader feel something.

When I read books and if I particularly extremely dislike it, I still give the author props for making me feel that way, even though that isn't what they are looking for. S/he make me feel so aggravated by that character and that is still a success, in my opinion.

Anyways, I've done enough jabbering for today. Have a lovely day everyone!

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