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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's Book Spotlight

To kick off my reading-binge last week, I turned to a book that Kristalyn from The Sarcastic Palmtree recommended to me. I had knew nothing about it except that it was supposed to be a fun read and she said it was good. Didn't even read the description before I one-clicked it and added it to my TBR. It was such a fun book, that I'm featuring today.

Seventeen-year-old Oliver Wendell Holmes (Yes, his parents are just that peculiar, but his brother’s name is Sherlock, so it could have been worse) knows that he’s different. He’s quirky, awkward, and he’s okay with that. Oliver also likes making lists—meticulous procedures for achieving his goals, step-by-step. Whether it’s “How to Get an A in Chemistry” or “How to Get Accepted to MIT,” he has a process, and it’s worked for him so far. He doesn’t even care that the popular kids mock him. Oliver’s got his eye on the prize.

So when he decides it’s time to declare his feelings for Ainsley Bishop, the girl of his dreams, it’s only natural for him to make a list—a point-by-point strategy to win her heart. He knows it will take a grand gesture for her to see all he has to offer, and her approaching birthday provides the ideal opportunity for Oliver to put his plan into action.

Finding the perfect gift is a challenge Oliver meets with his usual dogged determination. He’ll need to watch her carefully for clues to pinpoint exactly what he should give her. And along the way, he might just learn that what Ainsley really needs is not quite what he expected.

My Thoughts as Seen on Goodreads:
I'm not even going to lie. I ended with book with a happy sigh. I seriously sighed happily and with so much satisfaction. That's a first.

I don't think I've ever laughed so much and felt so connected to the characters at the same time. I laughed out loud a lot. And then, something would happen, and I was, "Aw...Poor kid." It was adorable, touching, hilarious, and simply one of those feel good books. I loved every single character. The family, friends, almost everyone really was unique and lovable. 

I probably wouldn't have discovered this book if not for my blogger friend, Kristalyn, so thanks, girl! You were right. It was a fun book, and such a perfect one to kick off my reading-binge.

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