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Monday, October 28, 2013

It's GAME Day, Baby!

Instead of Monday's Book Spotlight, I'm just going to talk. Today is a busy, but super exciting day! What's happening today, you ask?

  1. I pre-register for spring semester today. I'm tackling another seven classes, but that will leave only five to take my final semester. Unfortunately, I have to sign up for biology. Bleh. I'm not a fan of science. I am looking forward to my History of Rock Music class though. Should be interesting. 
  2. It's hockey night in Raleigh! The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming down to play the Carolina Hurricanes and I'm going to be there! I'm super excited for many reasons, but one is because my dad is going with me. He's never been to a hockey game before, so I'm excited to take him and show him all there is to love about hockey!
  3. That's all I got. Yeah, those two things are pretty much it for me today. I just wanted to have a #3.
I'll wrap this up with a question. History of Rock Music is one of my electives. In college, which class was your favorite elective?

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