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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

6 Months Left as a Teenager


In exactly six months, I will no longer be a teenager. It's a little scary, to be honest. I've been a teenager for a long time and on my next birthday, I will be in my twenties. O_O That has to be the scariest thing I've said in a while. It's exciting, sure, but it's a little intimidating too. 

I mean, I'll be twenty. I have a hard time remembering to say I'm 19 and not 18. Then there's the thought that if there's something I haven't accomplished yet, I'll think, "You're twenty now. You should be doing that already." Or something like that.

Anyway, I thought that this pre-milestone in my life needed to be talked about. I will be leaving my teenage years behind and entering a new phase. My twenties. I can't get over it! If I'm like this now, I'm going to be in a tizzy when I actually have my birthday.

This is a big deal for me! Does everyone think that turning twenty is a big deal or is it just me? I mean, you don't start saying mid-age group until the twenties. No one says, "She's in her mid-teenage years." Entering the twenties means that a few years down the road, someone may say, "She's in her mid-twenties." That's going to be new. I will then be closer to the legal drinking age. I'll enter a career during this time. The twenties are huge and I'm about to start at the beginning!

Okay, enough of my ramblings. I still have six months to go until my twentieth birthday. I'll ramble more about this then. :) Plus, it's my first official day of school. Wish me luck!

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