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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Because It's Too Long For a Facebook Status

Any time I go to unlock my phone, I have the pleasure of having a shirtless guy (who shall remain nameless) for my background. Makes me smile every single time.

Part of me thinks, "Lindsay, you shouldn't have that up there! What would your mother think if she saw that?"

The other part of me thinks, "Hey, it's MY phone and my mother would probably appreciate his good looks too. And it's not like it's what anyone would consider an inappropriate image. He just doesn't have a shirt on. Simple as that."

The first part then thinks, "And what if your nosey nephews grab a hold of your phone and demand to know who that it?"

The other part thinks, "Since when do I answer to them and what would they be doing with my phone? Plus, it only shows up when I go to enter my passcode. Not my phone background. That's a picture of the beach. And I would say who it was. No biggie."

The first part sighs with defeat, knowing it's pointless.

The point of this post besides the fact that there isn't a point? It was too long to put on Facebook because it turns out that I pretty much have conversations with myself and I'm completely okay with that. Keeps things interesting if you ask me. And if you don't ask, no worries. I may ask myself just so I can answer the question. ;)

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