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Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday's Book Spotlight

I Don't Want To Be Crazy

A harrowing, remarkable poetry memoir about one girl's struggle with anxiety disorder.

This is a true story of growing up, breaking down, and coming to grips with a psychological disorder. When Samantha Schutz first left home for college, she was excited by the possibilities -- freedom from parents, freedom from a boyfriend who was reckless with her affections, freedom from the person she was supposed to be. At first, she revelled in the independence ... but as pressures increased , she began to suffer anxiety attacks that would leave her mentally shaken and physically incapacitated. Thus began a hard road of discovery and coping, powerfully rendered in this poetry memoir.

Reading this book makes me want to cry. It makes me relive my attacks and feel them as I read. Sometimes, I just had to stop reading for a bit or I was going to induce a panic attack. I loved it so much because I easily related to Samantha and those feelings she was experiencing. I've been there myself. 

It reminded me of my situation. How the attacks come and rock my world for months or a year at a time and then walk away as if going on a trip, leaving me peaceful until the next go round. I wish I had of read this earlier. Honestly, I hope everyone reads this book and others like it. People need to be aware of how debilitating anxiety can be. It's like a situation I'm currently in. I don't want that person to do anything but understand. Understand what it's like, how it feels, how real it is. Understanding goes a long way.

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