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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busy, Busy Bee!

That's right. I'm going to be one busy bee this week. Not only do I have class and the need to work on DP, here is a list of things I have to accomplish this week:

  1. Paper due Tuesday that, as of right now, is only 1/3 finished. (800 words is a lot harder when you are writing about commercials.)
  2. Eye doctor Monday. (Pretty sure I may need glasses.)
  3. Regular doctor Tuesday. (If back pain doesn't subside.)
  4. Massage Friday. (Whether I still have back pain or not, I deserve it.)
  5. "Girls Night In" Party Friday night. ;)
  6. School Monday-Thursday
  7. Quiz due Thursday by noon.
  8. Get a significant amount of DP completed.
  9. Cover Reveal for DP Monday!!!!!!! 
I feel like I'm missing something, but y'all get the point. Let's cross our fingers for a relatively eventful week full of smooth rides and zero mishaps. 

Traveling through this week with a cold and back pain should be fun in and of itself. I'll keep y'all posted! 

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