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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Life Update

It's been awhile since I've updated y'all on my life. If you don't care, keep scrolling. If you're curious, keep reading.

Where shall I start?

Boys? School? Anxiety?

Guys have been a pain in the ass lately. I'm sure I have been as well. No one seems to understand that I have to focus on myself mainly right now. I can't worry about you and your problems until I get a good chunk of my life put together. They don't get the whole "writing thing" either. It's as if it's a hobby and not a career. Sorry, but I shouldn't have to explain myself every time I don't answer back because I'm absorbed into my story. I shouldn't have to explain over and over why it's important. I don't question your career, don't question mine.

I could go on and on, but let's move to the next thing.

School? It's eh. Nothing to praise or gripe about.

Anxiety? It's going good. I haven't had an attack in a while.

My mood? I'm either up or really up. I've only had one down day in the past week and it was okay. I'm taking my meds as prescribed and feeling a bit more like myself. I definitely have weird days though. Especially when I'm working, I get a bit panicky or paranoid. It's weird, but I've managed to survive each time. *pats self on back*

That's pretty much it. Have a lovely day, y'all.

OH! Have you seen the new I'm Yours cover?

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