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Friday, June 1, 2012


imgres.jpgI am no longer in high school! Today was my last day and I finished. Maybe not with flying colors, but I finished. Now, I have to go change my biography on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

Starting in the fall, I will be a college student. :D

I'm not walking the stage or anything like that. I'm paying 25 dollars for my diploma and that's it.

I am so proud of myself. Last year, I never thought I would make it to this point, but here I am. TAKE THAT ANXIETY!

Dear anxiety,
You almost had me. You were so close to making me a high school dropout who didn't care whether or not I got my diploma. Well, you failed. Thanks to medication, the homebound program, my Momma, and my therapist, I can officially say that I beat you. 

Not once.

Not twice.

But quite a few damn times over the course of a year. You will never win again. Bring all you got because I'm going to physically attend college in the fall and there is no way in hell that you will beat me. 

Make me sick to my stomach. Make me cry. Make me feel like a total failure.

I'll look back on this moment and remember that I can beat you and that I did. Never again will you control my life like you have in the past. Your time has run out. 

With no love,


I'm still in shocked.

Momma is taking me out to dinner tonight. Tomorrow, I'm going to get a massage and finish packing and by Sunday evening, I will be in NY! What a graduation present to me, for me, by me.

Thanks for reading. I just wanted to share my major accomplishment with you all.

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  1. Yay for you! Hope you can hear the cheering and applause all the way down there (my office mates are quite puzzled by my behavior). That is a major accomplishment, and I appreciate and applaud the gumption you've shown in making it this far, and described so touchingly in this post. Go Lindsay! And I know you will!


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