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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Writing Space

Currently, I write in my bedroom where I can sit comfortably on my bed. I have about five pillows behind me and my comforter tangled around my legs. To my right is my nightstand where an iHome sits so I can listen to music while I write. It allows me to feel creative and in sync with the mood of the scene.

This is also where I'm most comfortable reading. Doesn't it make sense for that to me my writing space as well? I think so. I'm able to kick back and relax. Time flies by when I'm locked in my room pounding away on the keyboard. My room is nothing special, which is why I explained in words.

My dream writing space would contain either a bed or a couch where I can throw my feet up. That's my key position. I would love a place that spacious with a professional touch. I'd love something sleek and to be surrounded pictures and music. It's amazing how much a simple song or picture can inspire someone. With all of that, I'd still like something simple. Too much distracts the mind.

That's my post for today. What would your dream writing space be? Or your dream bedroom? Anything?

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