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Friday, December 23, 2011

Extra Scene: Our First Christmas

This is an extra scene from my series Bold As Love. I'm sharing with you Emily's point of view of her first Christmas with Jake. Enjoy everyone and happy holidays!

Drake, Jake and myself were sitting Indian style on the floor around the Christmas tree. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I couldn’t help it. Drake was running over with excitement. I was beginning to behave like Drake because his excitement was so contagious it was spreading to everyone in the house.

My camera was light in my hand as I told Drake he could start opening his presents. I went a little overboard and half the presents in the house were his. The smell of a fresh Christmas tree wafted throughout the house. I loved that smell. Christmas wasn’t Christmas unless the scent of a live tree swayed through the air.

The sound of paper ripping quickly took over as Drake went bananas opening his presents. I snapped pictures as Drake became as bright as the lights on the tree. He squealed with excitement as he saw that he had new games for the Playstation and Wii. He even bounced around the house when he opened the card from my father containing a hundred dollar bill. After thirty minutes of Drake exclaiming what he would buy, he finally calmed down.

In my lap was a square box. The length was from knee to knee and this particular one was from Jake. I’d already open those from my father. Glancing over at Jake with a smile, he encouraged me to open my present. My nails dug into the paper as I pulled it back to reveal a plain white box. What was inside made me cheese like a crazed school girl after seeing the cute guy from a boy band.

A picture frame with three slots held shots of Jake and myself, Jake, Drake, and myself, and Dad and me.

“Thank you,” I said, finally looking up. My gaze fixed on the pictures in my lap. I would have to hang these in my room. My insides quivered when I felt Jake’s breath against my ear.

“You are my present. The only one I want.”

Smiling, I looked over into those green eyes and was lost in their depth. I was brought back to life as a flash went off.

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