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Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 New Year's Resolutions

I always make resolutions and like most, I never follow through. I'm hoping 2012 will be different. There are many big things that are happening in 2012 for me. Such as...

-I turn 18! Yes, I'm excited.

-I graduate from high school. I'm more excited about this than turning 18. Why? Because there is nothing more that I want than to leave high school behind me. With school being the main trigger for my anxiety, I'm pumped to leave it.

-Top Secret Project 1 will launch. That's all I can share.

-I will start college. This I'm not that excited about. I'm extremely nervous that my anxiety will be the same as it has been in high school. Yes, I have learned to control it much better, but the fear is still there.

-I will have not only TSP1, but also TSP2 and 3 going on. I'm hoping to have TSP2 done and open for the public by late 2012. For TSP3, I am really just starting to work on it and as of right now, I don't have any idea when you guys will be able to view it.

Those are the most exciting things happening for me in 2012. Here are my resolutions:

-Make TSP1 successful.

-Finish Whatever It Takes by my birthday so it will be on schedule for publication.

-Make my books available on other ereaders. This is probably happen in March. Due to something I've done with Amazon, I can't sell my books in an eformat anywhere but Amazon until March.

-Attend writing workshops and/or conferences. I know this will be very beneficial to my writing and I would love to attend one.

-Donate a portion of my sales to various charites that are important to me.

What are you resolutions?

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