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Friday, February 20, 2015

Nepenthe - Fun Fact 4

You know how the first chapter came to be, more about the process of writing Nepenthe, about Olivia's driving, and now it's time to learn a little about how some characters got their names.

I purposely placed the fun facts about Kristalyn and Olivia's driving before this one because you'd need to know those for the story behind this one.

Kristalyn is a NASCAR fan. (I've yet to understand this, but maybe I will after she's dragged me to a race.)

Anyway, after reading about Olivia's driving skills and me realizing the girl didn't have a last name, of course, NASCAR came up in our conversations. Honestly, I owe this fun fact to Kristalyn.

The most obvious character with such a last name now that you have NASCAR on the brain is Dr. Stewart (Corey's psychiatrist). Olivia is the other character. I didn't like how most sounded with her name, but I ended up finding Bayne and liked Olivia Bayne.

And there you have it! Only one more fun facts to go!

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