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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BRACE yourselves! Time for an announcement!

Yes, I am very clever for thinking of that title. ;) As I said last Friday on Facebook, I would be making an announcement about the next solo book this week and today is the day to do it! I also said that it may or may not have to do with Bracing the Blue Line, and if my clever title is any indication, it does indeed have to do with that book.

Do you remember way back in July when I did that video where I announced details about Bracing the Blue Line? I said something about how I loved that it gives me "inner opportunities." Well, today, you're going to learn what I meant by that.

Because there are so many side characters in BtBL, some people can only want to know more about them. So, it only makes sense that they get a book too, right?


Which character is getting a book, you ask? Well, here are some hints.

To continue with the "POV theme" in BtBL, it's going to be a male.

However, there won't be 3 POVs like in BtBL. The book will be told in only his POV.

You probably thought he was a jerk, but there is way more than meets the eye with this guy than what you saw in BtBL.

My final hint comes from what I've been calling this WIP when I do talk about it, like in this Facebook post where I shared Mary's thoughts after only reading a few chapters. I call it- Secret WIP: (CK).


As in, Corey Kennedy, Lucy's brother.

That's right. He's getting a book.

If you were hoping it would be Patrick or Bo, don't fret! They may get a book as well, but no promises.

Okay, back to Corey's book, which is titled Nepenthe. Because this stems from BtBL and because I may write about the other two, I needed a series title, which is Bracing for Love.

So what is his book about? Just read this and add it to your Goodreads.

Corey Kennedy was once a star on the football team at Salem University with his two younger brothers, Jonathan and Patrick. He lived and breathed football, hoping to follow his father’s dream to make it in the NFL. His chance was stolen from him when he was injured and his future in the sport ended.

As did his long-time method of coping with depression, a battle only he knows about and one he refuses to acknowledge.

A year after moving an hour away from his siblings, Corey hits rock bottom. His life is falling apart piece by piece. He’s too lost in his mind to see a way out. Slowly, with the the help of Olivia, a pushy new neighbor, Corey begins to learn healthier ways of dealing with the problems in his life.

His ground is already shaky and unstable while he struggles to stand on his own two feet again. He must find the strength to withstand what life throws at him, or crumble and fall back into his bad, unhealthy habits, which could end the relationships Corey very much needs.

I hope you're excited about Corey's book because I am. I'm pouring my heart and soul into it and if you remember from this post, it's been a struggle writing him because of the issues he's dealing with. I'm glad I've stuck through it because Corey is a piece of work, but as I said then, this book needs to be written and I'm writing it. Can't wait to share it with you!

It'll be my first 2015 solo release with a date of January 24th. I'll have more to announce soon, I hope.   :) Until then, happy reading!

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