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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All About Nicknames

For whatever reason, I got to thinking about nicknames today. Over my nineteen years, I've gathered quite a few. Some have stuck, some haven't. Mostly depends on the person. Anyway, back to the point, I have noticed that I use nicknames in most of my books as well. That thought process led me to this post.

In the Bold as Love series, Jake calls Emily Sweetness or Sweets (as shown below in an excerpt from Always)

I'm in a light slumber when someone jumps on the bed. That someone is Jake.
Sweetness, wake up!”
I'm awake!” I grumble.
Sweets, guess what that phone call was about?”
Sweets? What the hell? Jake, I was almost asleep.”
I like Sweets. And I'm in an extremely good mood. Don't you want to know why?”

Mike will say honey and Emily will refer to Jake as love. For example of the latter, here's two more lines from Always:

When are we getting cable and internet, love?” she asks before even saying hello.
Yeah, when are we, love,” Drake teases.

Even in my new project with Mary, Levi will sometimes call Presley Smarty

Then I started wondering, do a lot of people use nicknames as much as I apparently do? I sometimes refer to the BFF with the nickname my sister somehow came up with: Angelitiki, pronounced An-gel-a-tiki. Mostly, I call her Ang, though. I'll call my sister Bobs and my other sister Bec. We'll shortened my brother's name to his initials. 

I have a list of nicknames for myself: Linds (only the BFF can get away with that one and that depends on my mood,) Lulu, Lindsay Lu, Lindsay Lulu, Eloise, Ellie, LP, and my full initials. My sister came up with the Eloise/Ellie combo after she watched Eloise At Christmas. I don't know why, but that's how that nickname came about.

The point of this mostly pointless post is that I wanted to ask a few questions: What nicknames do you have? Any you can't stand? Any unusual/funny/off the wall nicknames? Tell me all about it!


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