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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Snippet from the Next Project

When I'm not with Emily and Jake, I'm working on one of my many projects. About two weeks ago, I was in one of my funky moods, sitting on the porch steps while Bartley tended to his business one last time for the night. It was a bit of inspiration mixed with this relentless need that had been following me around all year. What better way to explore that than to turn it into a story? 

I can't shake this need, just like my MC, Chloe, can't. My therapist keeps telling me to tamper down the impulse and this new book is going to be my way of coping with that impulse until I can do something about it. 

Without further ado, enjoy this little teaser.

Perfectly centered, the stark moon hovers above me, daring me to look away. And I do, but only to admire its counterparts. With surrounding hazy but sheer clouds and the constant glimmer of stars dotting the heavens in just the right spots, my view becomes barely complete. Just as the thought occurs, the missing piece ever so causally flies through the air, a blinking light marking its journey. A bleakness travels through my heart, darkening everything as it passes. The same hope I always get when I'm out here whispers in my ear. That taunting desire that sweeps through me every night, singing seductively, begging for me to act, gripping me passionately.
Go. Fly away. Coast through the clouds and never look back. Flee across the ocean and land somewhere foreign.
My eyes prickle with the unshed tears. It's always been like this and I don't know why. I observe the sky every night, watching airplanes, and wishing I could fly away.

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