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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Sneak Peek Into My Mind

First, let me give you a little teaser to show you a bit of what was happening when this little conversation occurred.

How wrong would it be for me to be disappointed? I honestly expected him to be awake and waiting for me, ready to spend time with me before he leaves tomorrow. I thought we would stay up for a while and talk about everything and nothing. None of what we said would have mattered much because we were with each other and loving every second before he takes flight. Yet he was asleep and couldn't wake up enough to even kiss me goodnight. 

Then this happened:

Me: Jake, seriously. WTH is wrong with you right now? I honestly don't know what's happening from my thought process to my fingers on the keyboard. It's like you're taking over and writing yourself. Well, YOU'RE BEING AN ASS. Take THAT, Jake!

Jake: *looks on calmly* I'm part of your imagination, so technically, you are calling yourself an ass. 

Me: Take your hockey stick and shove it. But really? What's going on?

Jake: I don't feel like cooperating today.

Me: You realize that you acting out doesn't directly bother me, right? You're messing with Emily, not me. Do you want that?

Jake: No...


Jake: Why can't I be an ass every now and then? *says so like being an ass is a good thing*

Me: You know what comes next in this scene. Do you truly want to pick this instance to be a jackwad?

Jake: *his green eyes soften and he shakes his head slowly*

Me: That's what I thought. Now, get back out there and be the man I know you are.

Jake: *rolls his eyes, smiling, and I can see a little bit of Drake just then* Alright, alright. Let's get back to work so I can go be her man.

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