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Friday, November 2, 2012

22 Days of Thanks Giveaway!! (A couple days late)

Life is at it again and I forgot to post this! It's 22 days of thanks! Thank you for being you. Thank you for being a reader. Thank you for everything! Good luck to those who enter. :)
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  1. I love reading. It let's me escape my hectic life. It's my first semester of college which is extremely stressful. Reading is the only thing that lets me get away for a while. I don't think i could pick a book that i'm most thankful for because i've read so many. But i do love Lindsay Paige's As Bold As Love series. :)

  2. Same here, Jessica! Reading and writing are both an escape from me. Lately, though, my life is so hectic that I don't even have the time to escape from it. :( Got to make time, right?

    It's my first semester of college as well! I hope yours is going as well as mine, even with all the stresses. :)

    Thanks for the love! :)

  3. I love giveaways and I love Lindsay Paige's Bold as Love series. I also can't wait for Don't Panic to be released. It's gonna be great!!!

  4. The book that I love the most is the Bible. It helps to keep me in check and the only form of advice I need :) Good luck to you Lindsay and congrats on your success.

  5. I am just thankful for books in general.. But I absolutely love the Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens


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