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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Triggers: What are yours?

When dealing with anxiety, one must discover their triggers so they can learn what is causing their anxiety and how to keep that from being a trigger. I figured I could share some of my triggers with you and a little bit more information.

Silence while around people. This is a biggie for me, especially when I'm young and have to go to school. Even if people are talking quietly or shuffling papers, it's still too quiet. I have gotten adjusted to it, but depending on the surroundings depends on whether I can handle it or not. For example, libraries, a safe haven for readers, wasn't one for me. It took roughly two months for me to be able to sit in a library and be okay. Now, the silence doesn't even cross my mind.

Drive -Thrus I'm proud to say that this is no longer a trigger for me! :D It use to really bother me because there were factors that made me self-conscious. Getting too close to the window, getting too far from it. Not talking loudly enough. Talking too loud. All those things bothered me.

Pumping Gas. A little bit of the same thing with the drive-thru. Getting too close, not close enough. Having trouble with the pump or the cap. If those last two happen, then I still have a little bit of anxiety. Otherwise, those don't bother me! I had to overcome my fear by doing these things. Easier said than done.

Crowded Places. Silence factors into this as well. Four people in a quiet room with me can feel like Black Friday without the noise. Yeah, that bad. This is something I'm still working on getting better at.

Those are just a few of my triggers for my anxiety. It really helps to know what is causing the anxiety. That way its so much easier to ease the nerves. What are some of your triggers?

The thing to remember about anxiety is that a little anxiety is normal. But when little things start bothering a lot that's when you know you have anxiety.

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