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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TSP3 Update: In case you haven't heard...

Characters have been named for Top Secret Project 3. The main characters consist of one female and two male brothers, along with a golden retriever. So what are their names, you ask? Well, I'm happy to share those facts with you!

I'd like to introduce you to Macy, Aiden, Kipton, and Candy the golden retriever. What do you think about these names? Have you read the teaser that I posted on Facebook a while back?

He looked at me from across the room. His gaze was intense.

 "You're everything I'm not," he states with a clear, strong voice.

 "True. But that's why we're perfect for one another. I'm the light to your darkness. The hot to your cold. The white to your black."

In a blur, he crossed the room and towered over me. It was too dark to tell if anger smoldered in his dark eyes or if it was love instead. I was about to find out.

That teaser makes me squeal in delight. I'm super excited about this TSP. The characters are alive in my head and I'm loving every second of their conversations. You can easily let me know if you like these names by voting on the poll on the right. Thanks!

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