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The Penalty Kill Trilogy

Melting Away the Ice author Mary Smith and I have joined forces to bring you a set of New Adult Hockey Romance books following two characters dealing with college, family, friends, and the one sport that connects them all. This trilogy is intended for mature audiences.

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Levi Carr is captain of the Roxboro University Lions hockey team. His rival is James Wayne University and their captain, Trevor McCarthy. After an incident in high school and his mother’s death, Levi does whatever he can to make McCarthy’s life a little harder. When leaving the rivaling campus one night, Levi meets one person who can unknowingly help him mess with McCarthy.

My one job in this is to mess with McCarthy’s head and all it has done is mess with mine.

Presley McCarthy lives in the shadow of her twin brother, Trevor. After being separated when their parents divorced, all Presley heard about was Levi Carr being a bully to Trevor. Now in college, Presley is trying to be her own person, but when she meets Levi Carr, it all changes. But will the changes be good or bad?

He is nothing like my brother described. Maybe I’ve been wrong all along.

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Taking place between Breakaway and Off the Ice, spend the holidays with Levi and Presley for their first Christmas.

Presley experiences the Carr family traditions first hand as she spends Christmas break with Levi and his father. But bringing Presley home stirs up tough memories for Levi. With Presley by his side, surely he can conquer them.

This is a quick read for fans of Levi Carr and Presley McCarthy, just for the holidays.

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In the second installment of The Penalty Kill Trilogy, Levi Carr and Presley McCarthy continue to rebuild their relationship as they deal with surprises and other problems. 

Levi is trying his best not to hover with worry over his father after his heart attack. Presley is still trying to gain the love and respect from her parents and keep her independence as well. They lean on one another for support and work through these issues together. 

As the offseason progresses and a long time friend of Presley’s returns, trust issues arise between the couple as Presley tries to fix her relationship with her parents and Levi works towards his NHL dream. 

Will their relationship survive off the ice?

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In the final installment of Levi Carr and Presley McCarthy’s story, he’s playing in the AHL in Pennsylvania while she’s back home in New York trying to finish school.

Presley’s only dream has been to go to law school. That goal has remained strong, and she's still trying to focus on that goal, even though Presley has fallen in love with Levi. He’s off playing hockey and now she has to deal with Levi being gone and having to wait almost a whole year to be with him again. Until there’s a change in plans.

Levi has been working towards an opportunity to play in the NHL his entire life. To reach that goal, he has to live away from Presley. He knows they can handle it for the time being because they are strong enough, but when Levi tries to deal with a set back, their love is tested again.

For Presley, school is first, and for Levi, it’s hockey. In the end, will that hurt their relationship, or will they finish with the game winner?